Dear ​Participants,

I would like to thank you​ ​all​ ​for attending​ and contributing to the success of​ BLACK PORTRAITURE[S] III: Reinventions: Strains of Histories and Cultures in ​Johannesburg, ​South Africa this past week. The primary goal of the conference was to bring together artists, activists, and scholars from around the world to engage in discussion on a range of topics​ ​​in an interdisciplinary way​. ​The conversations that took place were fascinating, informative and fruitful. I hope that you found your participation in the conference as worthwhile as I did​.

As with the previous BLACK PORTRAITURE[S]​ ​conferences, this event will be remembered for years to come. Duke University has memorialized the BP conference in Paris ​(2014) ​with a selection of essays, which is now online and accessible free of charge to conference attendees. Please take a moment visit from 11/21/16 to 12/05/16 for exclusive access.

This Issue
Volume 2016, Number 38-39, November 2016


And, visit for video links to our conference in Florence​ (2015)​.

Thank you, again, for making ​it such a wonderful and highly stimulating experience!


Deborah Willis, Ph.D. University Professor and Chair