Significations frames contemporary imaginations of Africa as a subject of conversation among artists from all over the Atlantic World. It extends a previous exhibition ReSignifications, that opened in Florence, Italy, in 2015. Significations builds on the curatorial narrative of ReSignifications by staging works in which African and African diasporic conventions of theme and style inscribe such ideas as subjectivity, citizenship, and spirituality into the larger, trans-African world of art-making.

Significations will be based at the Provincial Center of Plastic Arts & Design in Havana between May 9th and June 5th.

Tour Package

Our partner gallery in Havana, the Magnan Metz Gallery, is offering a tour package. The cost of the package is $2400 and includes:

  • Four nights and Five days at Hotel Sevilla
  • Museum visits to Hemingway House, The Museum of Fine Arts and The Museum of Decorative Arts.
  • Transportation to all activities including Airport to and from pick-up, Meals, Museum visits, Exhibition opening.
  • License for travel to Cuba (People to People license via Magna Metz Gallery)
  • Meals (lunches and dinner)

Please note that airfare and visa are not included as it is easier for everyone to purchase their airfare and the visa is cheapest when bought directly at the airport on the day of departure.

Social Media

Further information on the exhibition can be found at, Twitter, and Facebook, and by following the hashtag #Significations

Many thanks,

Awam Amkpa – Curator
Nayo Sasaki-Picou – Assistant Curator